Livio De Carlo
Born in Genoa, Italy, march 1st 1960

Grown up in a little village on the seaside next to Genoa with parents and two brothers, at 17 I went to USA as an Afs student; I spent a year in Ponca City Oklahoma, where attended the local high school and obtained the National honor society. Went to the University of Architecture in Genoa, where I graduated with Laude in 1986, with a final thesis on the renovation of the ancient harbor of Genoa, with prof. Giancarlo De Carlo.

Between 1981 and the 90s I’ve followed the ILAUD courses, seminars, etc, in Urbino, Siena, Bruxelles.
I started working during my studies with significant collaborations with the ILAUD team involved in the recover of a part of the historic center of Genoa, with the Rpe office involved in a research program on maintenance and recover and for quite a while as an assistant of the site director of a large housing development on the hills of Genoa.

In 1987 I went to work at Herman Hertzberger office in Amsterdam, where I was involved in a few large scale projects and competitions. In the following years I had other professional collaborations in Holland, with Kraijvanger, Urbis office in Rotterdam and Mathijs De Boer.

Between 1989 and 1992 in Milan I worked with Prof. Alberto Mioni, on architectural and urban design projects and from 1992 I started some collaborations with arch. Marco Zanuso, especially on the construction drawings of the Piccolo Teatro in Milan and on the development of the project for the new opera house in Bolzano.

Work now

In 2008 the MDC association was split and I kept the office in Milan for a couple more years. We continued some rewarding restoration projects and building sites in Milan and in Piacenza, continued my consultant work with the communal administration in Cagliari for the building site of Tuvixeddu, we entered a few competitions and won the 4th prize in the international competition for the University Campus in Parma.

But in 2008 I had moved in Rome and in 2010 I closed the Milan office and stopped the collaboration with the university of Genoa and started a steady collaboration with arch.Bolko von Schweinjchen, in Florence.
In the last years we've been busy with quite a few important restoration projects and building sites: the little almost abandoned village of Rosennano, near Siena, the antique farm of Castagnoli in Castellina in Chianti, the Torricella farm near Montalcino, Reniella farm in front of Montepulciano,

Torricella farm (Monte Amiata) complete restoration of the ancient buildings

Borgo of Rosennano(Siena): sketch survey of the conservation of the facades and first restoration and trasformation indications.

Palazzone, Sovicille: project for the general restoration of the medieval tower and farm and some local contemporary interventions. Podere Reniella (near Montefollonico) development plan, projects and building site


From the beginning of my career I collaborated with important private banks and leasing companies and with lawyers, giving advice, making expertise, siding the lawyers in complex heritage or division legal procedures.

I'm currently busy with a few long lasting consultancies concerning important properties in Tuscany.


In the early '90 I started my collaboration with prof. Alberto Mioni at the Polytechnic School of Milan, working as an assistant in the Urban Design courses and laboratories.

I had a contracts in Milan for the urban design lab, in Mendrisio for the urban design lab, in Ferrara in 2002 for a architectural design lab, in 2004 I started a collaboration with the university of Genoa and there I held the lab of technical design, in architecture, in the years 2007 and 2008.

Collaborations with public administrations and others

Between 1999 and 2001 I was part of the working group created by the Polytechnic of Milan, lead by prof. Mioni, to manage the reconstruction of the earthquake hit city of Fabriano. In the first year we organized and managed all the site surveys and the damage extimate and set the master plans for reconstruction. In the second year we worked with the communal offices at the development of local plans and architectural projects.

In 2004 and following I collaborated with WWF and other environmentalist groups for the saving and the renovation of the historic stables “De Montel” in Milan.

Fabriano: post earthquake reconstruction plans. Two years collaboration with the Comune. De Montel historic stables.


Our office participated to competitions in Italy and abroad: a great chance to test new ideas and to develop new skills, important collaborations and to propose new ideas with the freedom and imagination that very often cannot be used in current professional activity.
We entered projects for schools, urban developments and renewals, housing and office districts.
In 2008 we entered the open competition for the new campus of the Tecnopark in Parma and we won the 4th prize.
In 2007 we were invited to the closed competition for the new office district of Siemens group in Milan and we made a team workgroup with Arup Italy and Starching.
In 2007 we won the competition for the construction of a new building and for the urban setting at the edge of the city of Fabriano, in central Italy.
In 2003 we won the competition for a new urban quarter for the little Sardinia city of Macomer

Open competition for the master plan of the urban development of Macomer

Urban and landscape design

The important experiences at the University soon proved to be useful. In 1995 we started collaborating with the main private contractor in Italy, Impregilo, on some little development plans. In 1997 we started working at the master plan for the area of Tuvixeddu in Cagliari (Sardinia).

The master plan regarded an area of 50 hectares and the best part of it is occupied by the largest Phoenician necropolis in the world; there was a complete urban and landscape restoration, with a large public park, road system, new housing and commercial buildings, university buildings, etc. The master plan was approved in the year 2000.

First sketch for the Campus in Tuvixeddu. We obtained all the permits for construction.
Tuvixeddu: from the year 2000 till 2007, with a strong group of colleagues and consultants, engineers, landscape designers, archeologists, botanicals, we designed the new archeological urban park, the new archeological museum, all the housing complexes and the university buildings and the students housing. The park buildings site started in 2004, but in 2007 when the housing projects were finally ready for construction an incredible political turmoil stopped everything and still now in 2013 the park building site is stuck, after 2/3 of the works had been made.
Guastalla: plan for the renovation and the renaturalization of a farm.
Piacenza: upgrade to contemporary energetic and ecological criteria of the housing plan of San Bonico


Learning from the past and developing the skills, the knowledge and the rules. With MDC we coped with quite a few very interesting restoration projects, but the most important two were both in Piacenza, the renaissance palace Gazzola, the historic Art School, and the great late baroque Palazzo Anguissola, which was completely restored with different stages that lasted many years in the mid 2000s. This project won the FAI first prize for Restoration in 2005.
Palazzo Gazzola in Piacenza Palazzo Anguissola in Piacenza

Architecture and Interior design

During the years we worked on many interior design projects, in Milan, Piacenza, Genoa, Cagliar. The loft of Piazza Vetra and the house of Via Garian explain best the approach: after more than 10 years they both still look contemporary. We always tried to understand and discover the qualities and the main characters of the existing buildings and\or of the site.
Villa a Nebbiuno, on the Maggiore Lake (mid 1990s)
Loft in a ‘30s ground floor lab in Milan Early XX century apartment in Milan
Late Baroque Palazzo Anguissola in Piacenza The newly built extention of ‘30s via Garian house in Milan

Shop and office design

At the beginning of the 90s we had the opportunity of designing and realizing four projects for the fashion brand Ballon in the area of Genoa and we were involved from the choice of the site to the last detail of the custom made furniture. We then designed leather and media shops in Milan, Genoa and Pavia.

As for office design we worked in the area of Milan: in the 90s for the French group Matra, for Lego Italy, then we made the layout and the interior design of Laboratoires Boiron Italy. A few years ago we were involved in a large design project for one of the communication companies of German Siemens group. It was the restoration and updating of an existing building.

We were consultants for the complete resetting of the Arena sports offices and warehouses, with remodeling, new layouts and some demolitions.

Siemens IT offices near Milan
One of the 4 Balloon shops designed in the early ’90.
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